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DBC & the Stay at Home Order (as of 3/26/20)

Due to the current stay at home order, the church office will be “closed” until the end of the order. Rev. Henson will still be available through social media and his cell phone number. Dallas Baptist Church will still stream a worship service each Sunday at 10:30 A.M., our normal worship time, until the end of the quarantine restrictions. The service will stream on website, and it will be available on YouTube and Facebook as well.

Unfortunately the life and vitality of the church is dependent upon the generosity of its members. As an act of spiritual discipline, giving of your time and money is an act of devotion to God. Practically speaking, just like most of you, the church will still have bills during this crisis.As far as financial offerings go, the deacons voted last Sunday to set up an online giving platform. You can still mail in financial offerings as well. [The mail will be checked weekly.]

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