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Services update for 3/18/20 & 3/22/20

Attention Dallas Baptist folks:

As we all adjust our life to fight the Covid-19/Corona virus, our church is making some adjustments too. In lieu of Wednesday night prayer meeting, I will post a devotional video on the church website, YouTube and Facebook on Wednesday, March 18th.

On Sunday, March 22nd, we will not be meeting together face to face for worship, but we will offer a live service at 10:30am. This service may be accessed in three ways. First, it will be live streamed on social media, such as Facebook. Second, the Sunday service will be recorded and posted on YouTube. Third, the service will be available via traditional telephone using conference calling. To listen the 22nd’s service live via the phone, you will need to call 425-436-6330 and enter the access code 483745. This third option can be used by those who do not have internet access.

Although there will be a service on Sunday, two important aspects of corporate worship will be missing: offerings and fellowship. Concerning fellowship, I encourage you to reach out to fellow church members, neighbors, and friends through letters, cards, and phone calls. Concerning offerings, you may drop off checks at the church office in the mailbox or with our secretary during office hours. You may also mail checks to the church at 402 W. Trade St, Dallas. Despite not having corporate worship services, the work of the church still goes on, and the church still has expenses. Please give financially to support Dallas Baptist Church.

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