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update/housekeeping issues

Attention Dallas Baptist: I have a few housekeeping things to mention. First, we had 15 in Sunday School, 28 in worship. On the internet, the service had 78 views on Facebook and 26 views on YouTube (as of 3/26 at 3P.M.). For those who came, thanks for joining us in person. For those who watched or will watch online, thanks; we hope to see you as soon as you are able or comfortable. Second, I worked a little on Monday to sanitize Huggins Hall, the sanctuary, and various surfaces throughout the building. We are trying hard to keep everyone safe. Third, so as minimalize opportunities of exposure, I’m hesitant to hold our regular Wednesday night prayer meeting for a few weeks. Ideally, I’m eyeing June 10th for resumption of our regular Wednesday night services. Until then, I’ll post a devotional video on our website, YouTube, and Facebook each week. Also, for this Wednesday and next Wednesday, I’d like to encourage you to come out to the church from 6:30-7:30pm to pray for the church and our community by walking around the church building praying, or parking outside the building, or praying at home. If you’d like to pray with me and receive a blessing the next two Wednesday nights, pull through the breezeway between Huggins Hall and the Activity Building. Fourth, I’d like to congratulate Lenore Howe on the birth of her new grandson. He’s 10 ½ pounds. Keep the new mom, the baby, and Lenore in your prayers! Grace and peace, Rev. Scott Henson

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